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Get lean
with the Bean!

Lean Java Bean is fueled by two clinically tested active ingredients, Super Citrimax and ChromeMate, that targets fat cells, satiety, impacts metabolism and energy balance for improved body composition and a lean sculpted physique.

Nutritional Information and Ingredients

Ingredients and Nutritional Information


Ingredients: NON GMO dark roast gourmet coffee, Green tea extract, Ginseng extract, Super Citrimax, Macoca, phaseolamin, Cassiolamine, green coffee bean, L-Carnitine, ChromeMate.

* This product may contain nut residue, as it is processed in a facility where other nut ingredient and other herbal raw material ingredient products are manufactured.

Lean Java Bean

  • Controls appetite so you eat less without feeling hungry
  • Increased metabolism so you burn fat quicker
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Mental clarity
  • Consistent weight loss
  • Regulates sugar absorption
  • Elevates mood
  • Regulates carbohydrate
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • With clinically tested ingredients

Welcome to the Future of Weight Loss!

This isn’t really a diet at all. Drinking a cup of Lean Java Bean coffee a day helps you manage your weight effectively, helps curb your appetite, and increases your energy safely. You will love the taste and results from the very first cup.

All-Natural Ingredients

Lean Java Bean uses all-natural ingredients each sourced and selected for their unique properties. Lean Java Bean is formulated with the ultimate solution for quick, fast and effective weight loss in the tastiest way possible.

Clincally Proven, Patented and University Tested

Super Citrimax

While studies in animals have demonstrated consistent and significant results, studies on HCA in humans have produced mixed results. A randomized placebo-controlledstudy was conducted involving 20 overweight adults. It was demonstrated that 500 mg HCA (as 3 CitriMax® ) taken three times per day before meals for eight weeks resulted in 215% greater weight loss than those taking a placebo, without side affect’s associated with diet stimulants. Furthermore, a significant reduction was also observed in cholesterol and triglyceride levels (clinically proven to help block carbohydrates)


ChromeMate® helps support healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and weight management.


MaCoca™ is a exclusive proprietary blend of ingredients formulated to help optimize your weight loss success. MaCoca™ is truly unique among all other weight loss products on the market. MaCoca™ has the ability to promote satiety (a sense of feeling full), control unwanted habits, boost energy and burn calories while helping to reduce fat intake.

Coca Leaf Decocainized
Decocainized Coca Leaf Extract – is derived from the coca plant (Erythroxylon coca). It is the key ingredient in MaCoca™. The extract is processed using a method that carefully removes the alkaloids while retaining all of the active ingredients enabling it to be used legally as a food additive. The coca leaf extract is highly nutritious. Attributes include Flavonoids, triterpenoids, vitamin C, amino acids, carotenoids, vitamin B complex and essential oils. The active ingredients in the extract are highly concentrated making MaCoca™ one of the most nutritious and effective appetite-suppressing formulations available among today’s over the counter weight loss supplements. Indigenous tribes of South America have cultivated coca leaf for centuries. Ailments that have been traditionally treated using the Coca leaf include: as an effective aseptic and pain killer., to improve digestion and eliminate gases, to prevent diarrhea, to stimulate the proper function of the respiratory system, to treat shortness of breath do to high altitude sickness, boost energy levels and increase strength and stamina, improve metabolism and establish the body’s chemical balance, relaxes the vocal chords, alleviate symptoms associated with diseases of the motor system such as arthritis and rheumatism.

DEA and FDA compliant and registered.

  • Increases mental focus and clarity all day
  • Dramatically suppresses appetite and abnormal food cravings
  • Helps speed up andnd university tested.

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